Lahore High Court notice to PMC ,MDCAT 2021

On Monday, Lahore High Court issued a notice to the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). The court sought a reply on a writ petition pursuing cancellation of the ongoing Medical and Dental Colleges Admission Test (MDCAT). In violation of the law, a petition is filed against MDCAT for not being held on the same day.

A student Hadia has filed a petition. The petitioner's lawyer asserted that the candidate(petitioner) appeared in MDCAT but had to confront many issues during the test. He argued that under the obligatory provision of Section 18 (1) of the Pakistan Medical Commission Act, 2020(PMCA), MDCAT was to be held “on the same day” as “a single admissions test”.
Previously the test was conducted on a single day across Punjab and in other provinces as well. However, Pakistan Medical Commission PMC is taking the test for an entire month giving undue benefit to some students. Many students are challenging the irregularities of the test.
To validate his arguments, Agha referred to a judgment of LHC in “Abwa Knowledge PVT case wherein the court ruled, “The authority shall conduct the test annually on a date approved by the council as per standards approved by the board a single admission test which shall be a mandatory need for all students seeking admission to the medical or dental undergraduate program.”
Various questions are “Out of syllabus questions” as well as the out of syllabus questions are not evenly distributed. A few candidates have to answer 25-30 out of syllabus questions while some others get only 5-10. 
He previously stated when the MDCAT was held across the Punjab “on the same day” as “a single admissions test” the same question paper was distributed among all the students which eliminated the possibilities of discrimination. The petitioner requested the court to cancel and reschedule the MDCAT and conduct it on the same day as by the mandatory requirement of Section 18 of the PMCA2020.


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